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"Kek Tema", Ltd.

  • Address Krustpils 129b, Riga, LV-1057
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Working hours
Sun Brīvs Mon 800-1700 Tue 800-1700 Wed 800-1700 Thu 800-1700 Fri 800-1700 Sat Brīvs
Bulbs, adhesive tapes, packing materials, packaging, batteries, Philips
bulbs, protective adhesive tapes, painting adhesive tapes, aluminum
adhesive tapes, painting adhesive tapes, moisture resistant adhesive
tapes, electrical insulation adhesive tapes. 3M work safety means.

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Legal data
Reģistrācijas numurs40003267340
Reģistrācijas izsniegšanas datums28.09.1995
Bankas kontsLV53HABA0001408032355
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